The Association Solidarité et Actions pour le Développement Durable (ASADD) sends its best wishes to charities for the year 2021. In the hope of an improvement in the health situation linked to Covid-19, let us remain united, mobilized and committed for the future. We all know that the exceptional crisis we are experiencing is affecting our social and humanitarian actions. Let us act and bring proposals for adapted measures in favor of our sector of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) / Civil Society. 

Together, let's mobilize to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with the 2030 agenda and the aspirations of Africa's 2063 agenda.

Logo A.S.A.D.D.

For the COVID-19 : The Acting Central Mayor of Brazzaville city, Mr Guy Marius Okana, receiving the donation of masks from the hands of the Vice President of ASADD and his team, May 20, 2020

Plaidoyer et demande de soutien financier pour lutter contre la pandémie Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Advocacy and request for financial support to fight against the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

NGOs and Business Planning Workshop, 2nd Agriculture Forum


The Solidarity and Actions for Sustainable Development Association (A.S.A.D.D.)

• A.S.A.D.D. is a Congolese association, non-profit and of public utility, governed by the Law of July 1, 1901.

• For A.S.A.D.D., there is a need to allow goodwill driven by a long-term vision and committed promoters of innovative projects to achieve the objectives of the SDGs and Africa's 2063 agenda in order to make lasting change. The A.S.A.D.D. intends to significantly advance the causes it serves through the implementation of its objectives. The A.S.A.D.D. is committed to making sense of all of its actions by putting itself at the service of people and their environment.

• Committed to promoting the 2030 agenda on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the African agenda 2063, for the benefit of local communities and vulnerable populations. 

• Act today and participate with us in solidarity, by supporting our activities and projects that constructively integrate the concerns and challenges that the beneficiary populations face.

• In response to the identified needs, the solutions provided are oriented, in a participatory and inclusive manner, to relevance, efficiency, sustainability and concrete impacts on the individual, society, the economy and the environment.

• Target populations: women / men, children, young people, the elderly, people with disabilities, rural communities, poor and vulnerable populations.

TO FIGHT THE PANDEMIC OF COVID-19 : Let us respect the barriers and physical and social distancing measures! Let us be united and act to support the most vulnerable people, following the health, economic and social consequences.


The Association Solidarité et Actions pour le Développement Durable (A.S.A.D.D) is a non-profit NGO, created on January 18, 2018 in Brazzaville (Republic of Congo) and has a legally recognized legal status.

The strategic objectives of the A.S.A.D.D. are geared towards the promotion and joint implementation of the United Nations 2030 Agenda on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the African Union Agenda 2063.

Through the expertise of its members, the programs and projects of the A.S.A.D.D aim to improve the living conditions of fragile and vulnerable populations, by putting solidarity at the heart of its actions. To better act in favor of sustainable development and meet social, economic and environmental challenges, the A.S.A.D.D. relies on international solidarity and partnership.

The strategy of the A.S.A.D.D. is to encourage the empowerment of men, women and young people and to involve each person in the development and sustainability of our projects.

Where the A.S.A.D.D. is committed, it seeks to produce lasting effects and socio-economic and environmental impacts with the active participation of the beneficiary populations.

Objectives and Mission

Our general objectives are to contribute to the fight against Poverty and Hunger; improve access to Education and Information and communication technologies (ICT), Health and well-being/Sexual and reproductive health / fight against HIV / AIDS and Sexually transmitted Infections (STIs) ; promote Human rights and Gender issues, empowering vulnerable and disabled people; to contribute to efforts related to the protection of the Environment and Climate change (biodiversity), Water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and of Aquatic and terrestrial life; promote efforts related to the use of clean Energy, technological innovations and infrastructure, sustainable cities and communities; to contribute to economic growth and to invest in Youth and Women; promote a culture of peace and socio-economic activities for disadvantaged and vulnerable communities; and to strengthen Partnerships at the national and international levels for sustainable development and human dignity.

                                                                            OUR STRATEGIES
- Organization of campaigns, participatory awareness-raising workshops and training on the 17 targets of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Africa's agenda 2063, including financial support for socio-economic recovery;
- Investing in youth and their empowerment through the development of training, awareness-raising and sustainable socio-economic development (social and professional integration) activities for disadvantaged, fragile, vulnerable and handicapped communities;

- Education and advocacy aimed at achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and aspirations of Africa's agenda 2063;
- Call for partnership and resource mobilization with transparent management of donations;
- Involvement and participation of beneficiary populations, national public organizations, and other civil society organizations;
- Loyalty of participants and volunteers in relation to the activities and projects carried out and monitoring of projects and their beneficiaries for better sustainability, impact and local ownership;
- Allow the human - poor and vulnerable people - to serve their social, economic and political environment and to have environmental benefits;
- Cross-cutting approaches linked to communities, youth and people with disabilities, gender equality, responsibility, the mobilization of all the sectors and stakeholders concerned;
- Effective communication via all channels on the SDGs and Africa's agenda 2063.


The A.S.A.D.D. bases its action and activities on a foundation of values ​​and principles:

- The active involvement of the populations and the integration of the gender dimension, a pillar of their empowerment based on solidarity and the pooling of human resources and potential;

- Capacity building in all its social, economic, environmental, structural and technical dimensions of all stakeholders (populations, local actors, local authorities and the private sector);

- Collective commitment with all partners and stakeholders in a relationship of mutual respect and the involvement of our experts who are ready to overcome the challenges;

- Support for innovation and participation in local and international solidarity;

- Support activities and projects having an effective and significant impact both for the beneficiaries and for the local organizations supported;

- Provide effective human, technical and financial support by committing to long partnerships.


The vision of our Association is to contribute to the promotion and implementation of socio-economic projects which aim to achieve the 17 targets of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the aspirations of the Agenda 2063 of the African Union. One of the strengths that characterizes us today is the priority we wanted to give to the joint and close implementation of the SDGs and Africa's agenda 2063.

Together, let's join our visions and actions to save fragile and vulnerable populations, and give children, young people, girls and women, people with disabilities, the elderly, the chance to have a better life and to actively participate in the development of our societies.

With a view to the empowerment of the populations benefiting from the projects and sustainability, the A.S.A.D.D. supports the recovery of people in precarious situations to lead a life in dignity, with a commitment to sustainable development and access by communities to basic services and means of subsistence.


For the A.S.A.D.D, the small changes that make a big difference through solidarity and partnership: the A.S.A.D.D. is committed to promoting solidarity and establishing lasting partnerships to promote networking, exchanges and the sharing of experiences and resources; and bring positive change for local communities.

To achieve its strategic objectives which consist in contributing to the joint achievement of the 2030 agenda (SDG) and the 2063 agenda (aspirations of Africa), A.S.A.D.D. relies on lasting collaborations with its partners, NGOs and collective associations recognized for their commitment, solidarity and expertise.


Whether you are an international organization, a donor, a foundation, a national development aid institution, a community or a public establishment, a company, a charitable association, a humanitarian NGO, a person of good will, you who are particularly interested in NGOs, you can become a partner and support the activities and projects of the A.S.A.D.D. association.


Your vision of a better world takes concrete form through actions to transform the lives of fragile and vulnerable populations and improve their living conditions for better participation in society.

The A.S.A.D.D. invite you to support us through donations, grants, technical expertise support and advice.

Contact us by Email:,



For A.S.A.D.D, every goodwill, donation and grant helps us move forward and meet challenges, save human lives, promote human rights and protect the environment. 

Every small gesture counts and saves human lives, it gives man the opportunity to lead a life with dignity and it makes society more peaceful and energizes him on the path of development.

Thanks to your donations and grants, expertise and technical support, you too can make a difference and help the A.S.A.D.D. to pursue its strategic objectives and continue to help fragile and vulnerable populations.

Donation information

Your donations in materials or in money and subsidies are to be sent to the physical address of the Association and the bank account of the association (A.S.A.D.D.).
Address: 1584, Avenue Trois Martyrs - Batignolles
City: Brazzaville, Country: Republic of the Congo


Bank name and address : Banque Congolaise de l'Habitat (BCH)
Address: Avenue Amilcar Cabral, BP 987 - Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo                                  Tel. +(242) 81 25 88 - Fax: +(242) 81 33 56                                                                                                       International bank account number : IBAN = CG39 30015 24201 10120001172/07

Correspondence bank: France
Tunisian Foreign Bank, Agence Pyramides, 19 rue des Pyramides - 75001 Paris - France
Swift Code (correspondence bank): UTUBFRPPXXX



Dear technical and financial partners, donors, foundations, non governmental organizations and actors of civil society, individuals, companies and actors of the private sector, your donations, grants, expertise and advice are strongly requested to support the association (ASADD) non-profit, legally constituted.

What we do together with our partners: By paying close attention to our projects and activities, you will humbly contribute, by this act, to a work of social and human beneficence.


In this perspective of development of our activities, the Association (A.S.A.D.D.) will present, with your authorization and suggestions, a brief overview of your institution (logo, brochures, roll up), a mark of testimony of our partnership.

And it has now become essential to seek dynamic partners, ready to add their image and reputation to the life of the association (A.S.A.D.D).


Activities of COVID-19

NGOs and Business Planning Workshop, 2nd Agriculture Forum

COVID-19 : The Acting Central Mayor of the Brazzaville city, Mr Guy Marius Okana, receiving the donation of masks from the hands of the Vice President of ASADD and his team, May 20, 2020 Brazzaville, 

Interview with the Vice President of ASADD, Mr Lambert Siassiamo, in front of the town hall of Brazzaville, in front of the journalists. Brazzaville, May 20, 2020